South London Garden

The owners of this basement flat garden wanted to create a light, spacious stylish space in which to entertain, relax and grow their own fruit and vegetables. The garden was overgrown and inaccessible, and required a complete makeover.


The site was overlooked by many of the surrounding flats, so part of the brief was to incorporate some light screening to provide privacy without blocking the light into the property.


The planting also needed to be light and informal but low maintenance and dog friendly. 


Planting colours were kept to a clean white and green palette to create a modern and calm feel.







The back of the garden has been screened off and is now used as a vegetable cultivation area, and accommodates a shed and water butt. 


Two seating areas have been created, both of which receive sun at different times of day. Light canopy trees have also been placed accordingly to provide privacy.


Trellis has been added to screen off the back of the garden containing the shed and vegetable growing area.


Lower height trellis has also been added to increase the height of the Victorian wall boundaries, again screening the garden from the neighbours.


The staggered design and sectioned elements of the garden create many usable spaces in this small site.