RHS Hampton Court Flower Show 2016

The Perennial Giving Garden designed by Frederic Whyte and Darran Jaques has been designed for a philanthropic professional couple with a love of outdoor living. Vistas and axes give the garden an underlying formality.


Hard-landscaping introduces an elegant and contemporary streamlined feel, complemented by a luxuriant, lush and eclectic planting palette.


One of the garden’s main features is a natural plunge pool provided by Clear Water Revival. Immersed in planting, it has been inspired by 18th-century plunge pools, often situated in woodland glades.


A bespoke outdoor room, designed for entertaining and occasional home-working, overlooks the lily pond, a study in water effects: the stillness of the pond contrasts with the inserted ripple pools.


We were asked to capture the reflective quality of the water, the structured planting and contemporary feel of the design.