Oxfordshire School Garden

This was a lovely but challenging project. The client was a special needs school in Oxfordshire. The plot was a narrow piece of land that had been abandoned and was littered with building debris.


The brief was to design a wheelchair user friendly wildlife garden that incorporated sensory plants.


The children are encouraged to touch and smell the plants and therefore all plants sourced were non toxic or harmful. 


Scented, furry and visually interesting plants have been used to create a garden attractive to pollinators, wildlife and the students alike.



The long winding path was created to lead to an outdoor teaching area at the bottom of the garden. The top of the garden is a 'grow your own' area and the middle area will be left to self seed and create a meadow.


Bird boxes painted by the children are mounted on the tall brick wall and create a feature to break up the space.


A 'mini beast' hotel has been built to encourage insects and wildlife, in addition to a wormery with a viewing panel so the children can watch the worms at work.


Where possible we have recycled and reused what we could from the old site.


The garden will be left to develop naturally to show the children how nature and gardens evolve.