Orchard Garden

Planted with small fruit trees and shrubs, this unused plot demonstrates how a small space can be turned into a working garden and somewhere to relax.


The brief was to design somewhere to relax away from the house to cultivate fruit trees and shrubs, whilst adding pretty herbaceous planting to attract pollinators and soften the hard landscaping.


We were asked to use reclaimed or recycled materials where possible, such as the paving and scaffold board fencing.


The site is part of a larger garden, and the requirement was to make it a separate and new space to enjoy.


The client wanted to maintain the majority of the existing lawn, and this has been incorporated into the design in a more structured form.





Broken up into two main areas, one to grow fruit and one to relax in, this garden really makes the most of the once unused space at the side of the garage.


An old climbing frame structure has been recycled to hang a swing seat, and provided a base on which to design the garden.


Reclaimed granite setts edge the 2 lawns and are encased with circles of Corsican Mint that release their scent when walked on.


The circular design softens the sharp angles of the original site and helps the separate areas flow into each other.